I need urgent help

I have a site with my own domain in Blogger, I could use the same template in Drupal. Please if anyone can see my template and respond to me. MichellHilton.com

Where is masonry-item style attribute being set?

I am re-theming a site with Bootstrap and the masonry and masonry-views modules.  I have no clue HOW Drupal is deciding to insert a "style" attribute into the "masonry-item" DIV.

technicalities of premium modules / licensing, DRM

I'm in the process of developing a Drupal module that I would maybe sell as a premium module.
I'm not too knowledgable about licenses and DRM, so these are my questions - under what license should I place my premium Drupal 8 module?
And the second question is how to technically protect the module against unlicensed use and unlicensed modification, unlicensed distribution?
What is technically possible, what is allowed by the license?

Problem with login.

I wasn't active on my site for a long time. Now I tried to login as an admin but it doesn't work. All I can see is... blank site. Any idea what is going on?  Site works properly for not logged visitors. Thank you.

How to move comments section out of its parent div

How can we move or override the placement of the comments in a node. Usually the comment section is placed inside its content div. My aim is to place this comment section out of its parent div which is usually the node content.

Clean upgrade from 8.4.3 to 8.6.3

update.php - The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.
Error in weblog:

Help me with the Composerize Module

I need your help with composerize module. I don't know how to use this module. I am searching in drupal.org but i don't find anything.Drupal version: Drupal 8.x

D8: translation yml creation (like potx)

Is there a project for translation file creating (.yml)? Like potx.
Or I need make manually the .yml lang file?
for example:
# mymodule.hu.yml:
"Original English text": "Translated text"
Or can I convert my .po to yml? The translation-toolkit does not work (in Linux distros).

if you cannot make read me clearly why bother pub your garbage in modules list

please keep your garbage project and code only modules on githun or sandbox.
if your module only works on a distribution, state it as dependency.
drupal module list should not be you to ad your code abilities.
so many poor doced modues are unusable and makes website builders angry.

How to add Twitter Feed to the website?

Is there any way to add Twitter posts to my website page? I want to provide users with the newest information that I publish on Twitter. I tried to set it up on my own, but it didn't work out. Probably worth using a special plugin for this purpose? Could you recommend some& Or tell how I can do it without using plugin.
Thank you.

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