Views pager disappears after editing the view

I created a views page. Views page path was When I visit views page (, I see the pager of the view in front end.
I edited the views > Added contextual filter > modified the views path to "yy/%". Now, my views pages are,, so on. I can still see the pager in back end but not in front end. In front end, I only see the field.

Bundle product with syncronized single product's stock

Hello! :) Following the scenario that I want implement in my store. There are three products: A, B, C. My purpose is to sell two bundle composed by AB and BC.
Each product has its stock: A x10, Bx5, Cx20. The bundle products are dependable by the stock of every single product so it will not possible to order more than 5 AB product (or BC product) because every time a bundle product is bought the stock of every single must descrease.

Views 'Content: Body' Field Includes _All_ Fields

Drupal 7, Views 3.
I want to display the description for a node in a view. There is a field on my node called 'Description' machine name of 'body'. To display it in my view, I add the 'Content: Body' as a field to my view.
It turns out that this loads _all_ fields into memory. This is an issue for me as I have one very large field (which I do not want to load) whose loading causes PHP to run out of memory and crash.

How to rearrange nodes in views

I created a content type and then added few contents: node/1, node/2, node/3, node/4, node/5.
I created a view to select only title field and Views displays titles as follows by default:

Custom compound field with text_format item - This value should be of the correct primitive type error on node save

I have a trouble with custom compound field creation.
I need to create custom field type, that will contain two items:
-company name (text)
-company description (textarea with ckeditor).
I defined methods in field type file:

Add column to content admin area

HI Drupalers,
I am using Drupal 8.2.x and have a specific requirement to display "Last Editor" column on /admin/content page of Drupal admin section. There is by default "Author" column available but does not provide idea about who last changed the page. Basically it is adding a column to the default content admin page.
Waiting for ideas, suggestions

Show all articles from same author

Let's say I have a blog with several authors/users who publish articles and, when the user clicks on the author, I want to display all articles from that author (without using views nor taxonomy. Or do I need to use taxonomy?).
Could anyone guide me through this?
Thanks :)

Benefit Cosmetics

Completed Drupal site or project URL: http://www.benef

Drupal to Drupal Migration

I am attempting to migrate hosts and am having issues migrating from one Drupal instance to another. I have a multi-site install. I am attempting to maintain the files/code as well as databases. I have transferred the files from the instance of Drupal from my old server to the new server. I have exported the databases via phpmyadmin and imported them back in with click.

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