Problem after transfer to a new server

I changed my server yesterday, I transferred my drupal site to the new server.
After a first error ".htaccess: Option FollowSymLinks not allowed here"
I managed to solve it via virtualmin ^^

Migrated content do not show - only

I have upgrade from a D7 site to D8 and used the migrate feature from core to import my content. When I go to /admin/content I can see my articles listed. But clicking them to view them on the frontend of the site I only get "page not found" message, site still show header / footer etc.
Trying to edit the article I see that the body has no content, only title appear of my old article content.

Drush fails - trying to update

Hi, I'm trying to do a minor upgrade from Drush 8.x to the latest. I have Drush 8.1 installed and when I do "drush status" from anyhere on my system, output is ok. But if I enter the drupal folder I get this nasty error:

Where to start with converting a module to work with Paragraphs?

Hi all, again sorry if this question is vague and, again, I feel I must say I am new to Drupal and have been thrown in the deep end.

Fail request for a new passwork user drupal?

I was testing to change my own password (I am the admin)
I received an e-mail for only change to log, so I click on the link on mail
I get my website open and a button to Log In forward to change my password

Simple form for sending a mail from Drupal?

Hey guys another question, im working with my email with domain of my site
I access it from roundcube webmail and works perfectly, but... Im looking for a simple form for sending emails through my web site
I dont have problems my mail is working good with rules, I send a mail to users for everychange of my contents... etc

Parked Domain Question & Drupal's Relative URL's (or lack thereof)...

I do not know if I have created a pending issue for myself or not. I hope this isn't TOO muddled of an explanation.
For clarity I will refer to TWO servers:
1 - cloud server (a reputable 3rd party VPS with WHM account/I am building our NEW company website on this)
2 - in-house server (that contains our current/live company website)

Leftover tables in Database after D6 to D8 migration?

After a recent Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 migration I've noticed roughly 100 tables in the new Drupal 8 Database that begin with "migration", some are empty, others have data. Are these leftovers which should be deleted?
Here is a screenshot from PHPmyAdmin and some examples below:

Error using migrate_source_csv Plugin

I´m trying to use the migrate_source_csv plugin.
But I get the following error. Can anyone please help me here? What I was doing wrong or maybe forgot to install?

How to add products in Drupal Commerce 2.x for Drupal 8

How to add products in Drupal Commerce 2.x for Drupal 8. Products are coming from external webservice in XML format and we have to add all the products in commerce products.

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