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My drupal Site goes offline with PDOException Error

All of a sudden my Drupal site goes offline atleast once a day with the following error. what's going on?

Google Translate code on each content page??

I am new with Drupal. I have added Google Translate code to each of my website content pages, and it works perfectly. My question; is there a better way to accomplish this instead of adding the code to each page? Someone suggested added it to the "Block" but I'm not sure how that is done. Thanks in advance for your help.

Webform - Sharing Data with another form / Exporting as URL String

We presently have the results of a particular webform showing in a view. Is it possible to take the submission data as a webform to either:
1. Create a URL string of data so that it pre-populates into a different webform through a link -or-
2. Have the submission data some other way link to a different webform
Any help would be appreciated.

How to create a field that links an image/icon

I want to have a field on user profile where users can enter their facebook username and it will show a facebook icon with link to their facebook profile. same with twitter etc. How do i go about doing that?

Sub-theming Bootstrap Theme

I've encountered an issue, and I know what the problem is (at least I'm pretty sure I do), but I don't know how to fix it.

Search Box - Right Alignment

Hello, i am a new user in Drupal and i have created a site using a Zen subtheme. The problem is that i can't figure out how to move the search box in the right side of the header. I have searched a lot ,but most posts are fairly old. I am sorry if this problem has already been solved and i missed it.
Thank you!

2 Domains, 1 site

I have 2 domain names
1. mydomain.org and
2. mydomain.org.au
I have a site at the first one (1.) and would like the second domain name (2) to resolve to the site hosted for domain 1.
As the domains are the same except for the .au I thought this should be easy.

Search block in header doesn't work, but basic search does

I have a strange problem and I can't figure out what is causing it.
I have a search block in the header of my website www.belicons.nl . When I search any term it returns with "no results"
I ran cron several times, tried the re-index button, cleared my catch, I disabled the taxonomy terms for search, etc.

altering "from" field contact form

Hi there!
I have an issue with sending emails. From field looks wierd and different on different hosts:
1. Site name email configured in contact module settings in between less than greater than signs@mydomain.com
2. =?UTF-8?B?bunch_of_random_letters_/_numbers=?@mydomain.com
How and where could i set/alter from field to be like

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