can't find "user menu" block in drupal 7

Can't find "user menu" block in drupal 7, only user login. I would like to show the log out and profile menu for authenticated users.
I have user menu block in other drupal installations.

How to include RSS feeds inside a node?

I would like to create a node, that display 5 RSS feeds from 5 different external sites.
I have the RSS URL of the 5 external sites and I would like to find a simple way to display the last elements of these feeds inside my node.
I have already looked at the Feeds module but it creates a node for each element of the given RSS feeds ! (so it makes a lot of nodes...)

How to add Specific Home pages / Menus

Hello Every One
I was working on a simple company website and I come across the following problem.
The website I am working on has its own company home page and there are a couple of branches of the company in different locations.
What I want to do is to add specific home pages with (about / contact us and other menus) for each branches of the company which will be displayed when each of the branches is accessed .

exhausted the masks of a given length ?

hello every gurus how are you 2017.
i have one question, could you please help:
line 347
elseif ($i < (1 << $length)) {
// We have exhausted the masks of a given length, so decrease the length.
why say "// We have exhausted the masks of a given length, so decrease the length." ? could some one help to clarify it? thanks.

THEME_preprocess_menu_link__main_menu not firing

My hook is not firing. It use to and now it doesnt at all. What could be the issue? I've tested nearly everything.Drupal version: Drupal 7.x

Can different user roles have their own custom fields?

Hi, I am new to Drupal, trying to switch from Wordpress for some of our more complex projects.
Can different user roles have their own set of custom fields in Drupal 8?
As an example, I am building a website for a law firm. They have attorneys and staff. Attorneys have their own profile fields like law practice area, law school attended, etc. Staff has slightly different set of fields (e.g. no need to have law practice area, etc.).

Filling a table asynchronously in Drupal 7

Hello all. I've searched around for a solution to this easy problem; all the answers I've found seem far too complicated. Here's what I need:

accessing variable "machine name" in PHP

A programmer friend of mine once said that I will quickly find a limit to my skills and need to make changes directly into the php code, well I’m there on this one, at least I think so...
What I want to do it to display different videos in my theme depending on the webpage. Right now the theme only displays a video in the header section based on whether 'theme_head_use_video' = TRUE, and if so, it displays just one “default video”.

Need help with the styling comments

I have in my template.php (custom theme) the following code to present a comments along with EDIT and DELETE Links:

Installation of Drupal 8.2.6 fails with Postgres

I am setting up Drupal 8.2.6 with postgres and the drupal installer fails with this error. I dont run into this issue when using MySQL though. Can someone help what might cause this to fail for Postgres + Drupal case.

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