Geolocation Field Custom Map Markers

I'm working on a site using Drupal 8. I have used Openlayers in Drupal 7, but that does not seem to be an option for 8. I have Geolocation Field installed and am using that.
I have two content types - Huts and Hikes. One is for marking huts in the back country and the other is for marking walking trails. At the moment they are just markers - no traces or lines to mark the trails.

Why is a 2nd home page being launched by the read more hyper link at bottom of the page.

Hi all,
I thought easier to ask question in a short video to best better describe my problem. Basically the question is “Why is a 2nd home page being launched by the read more hyper link at bottom of the page. Where does that read more hyper link comes from as I didnt create it.”
For the website

Social media icons with installed theme are displayed strange+how to remove the icons

I just installed Drupal 8+ I am a new user to Drupal . I then added added this theme

Content type when deleting also delete's the view (Maybe a bug, probably!!)

So I was playing with content type and views,
And I deleted the content type but I forgot I added filter criteria in a view, with that new content type.
So it also deleted the whole view because it had relationship with that content type.
Isn't that little bit much?
I noticed it right away because it was my front-page view..

Yahoo Pure.CSS Framework

I liked this theme here: Yahoo Pure.CSS Framework, but I can not find a guide to creating child themes on this database. Maybe someone will tell you where to lookDrupal version: Drupal 7.x

Block image in Highlighted Region won't resize

I have a block with an image inserted within the Highlighted Region.
I have tried targeting the block id and the image with CSS, but I cannot get its width to enlarge.
I have even targeted the image source of my block as follows and it still won't enlarge:

flippingbook-like functionality

My client needs a better way of presenting their many PDFs and webinar videos.
They want thoughts on the the prospect of being able to implement functionality such as this ( or any other similar Drupal-based functionality along these lines.
Can anyone suggest any modules I could research?

search bar length in Bartik

How can I adapt the search bar length in Bartik.
I'm not familiar with theming. everything else works great but i would like to have the same length of the search bar as the sidebar two.
or could it even be responsive.
Thank for Help

implement a droplet into drupal and where

i had this .php see below code as a droplet that worked fine
but now in drupal 8.3.7 i don't know where to ad it on.
could somebody help.

Login panel not displayed

I'm testing on Drupal 8.37 the free Drupal Theme - Custom Theme
it worked fine so far. but now i don't get to the login panel or window.
can somebody tell me, how can I access as an admin directly from the browser the back-end without having a login panel
Thank you for help.

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