Drupal 7 connecting to external web service

Hi i'm building a module that interact with external web service, I have a php code with classes I don't know how to integrate it with drupal 7
This is the code

Drupal 8 - Admin - Show only content for that role

I have a problem
In the Admin, even if you assign privileges to the roles, defining what contentypes they can manage and which not, when a person who only has access to 1 type of content, when accessing the ADMIN, sees ALL the contents.
Yes, only can edit the ones that I have defined in the privilege zone, but he can see all the contents

what is the next step for getting ported module accepted?

This is my first contribution to drupal. I have ported the goaway module (https://www.drupal.org/project/goaway ) to drupal 8.
I have created a sandbox project folowing the steps outlined here: https://www.drupal.org/contrib-8x-sandbox .

Questions about D7 and D8

I initially started my own Drupal Intranet site using D8, but because of a lack of some modules I needed for my site, I rolled back to using D7. While things are looking good; I am curious as to where I need to start to get my site really developed to my needs. I will explain what I am looking for and what skills I already have:

How can users change permission of their own content

If I have 100 authenticated users on my website and all of then have access to write articles. How can i make it so they can choose between if they want there their article to be public or only seen by other authenticated users?

Can't get 'Menu Trail by Path' to work on Drupal 8

I have installed the module 'Menu Trail by Path', cleared the caches, refreshed the concerned menus and.. nothing.
I did search for a solution for a few hours but couldn't get to find anything that could help me solve this.
Used with : Pathauto, Superfish
example > http://mxm.heyitsbeing.fr/guides

error on installing Drupal 8.3.5

Hello Everybody, I want to learn Drupal, tried WordPress but I do'nt like it.
While installing Drupal 8.3.5 I get this error;
The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

Default zircon theme using bartik theme's logo.svg

I am going mad here, my default theme is zircon and when I view the page it is using bartik theme's logo.svg file, totally crazy. I am not sure how that is happening and why.
Under page.html.twig
img src="/core/themes/bartik/logo.svg" alt="Home"
How could this happen ?
Do I have to replace that logo.svg in bartik with my logo ?

Design /Theme

Hello, :)
If there is perhaps Tutorial videos or instructions, around the design for a well-chosen Theme
to adapt or has somebody collected there already experiences?
In general to the design / construction of contents I have a few questions:

Drupal: Best Forum Module

What is the best forum module to use for Drupal? The core is a bit lacking. I'm thining of investigating: http://drupal.org/project/advanced_forum
Anybody have any better suggestions?

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