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Custom relationships between members

I've been working with the User Relationships module but have been unable to figure out a way to create custom relationships based on specific criteria that I determine. Looking for suggestions. I'm open to different or integrating modules or code modification. I am just looking for a little guidance as I am still only at in intermediate level with my Drupal experience.

RSS feed category by user

Good day. I am an intermediate developer with a question about RSS feeds. I am developing a sports site and I would like to import RSS feeds from sports news organizations. My site will be a member site and members will see the news feeds. My users will be able to select the teams they like and that will determine what feeds they see (i.e. a user who identifies themselves as a LA Galaxy fan would only get news about that team).

Drupal 7 to 8 migrate problem

Hi there Installed drupal 8 and copied my drupal 7 production site to my local machine.
Both have their own DB and separate file structure.
Enabled in drupal 8 the 3 Migrate Modules and started the Migration process.
The Migration status report at the begin mentioned some missing modules.
But I did go on to start the process.

Need help

Suddenly my site,, give an error when users (other than Admin) try to access the Forums...

Drupal 8 hook_form_alter

Dear everyone,
I've been struggling for almost a week now trying to learn how to implement hook_form_alter in Drupal 8. I've got the Form API module from the examples module and I've been trying to insert hook_form_alter there but Drupal doesn't even see this function.
The routing file looks like this:

Paragraph Module theming

I am trying to create a template for a paragraph type name is "hero Image". I have added three images in this paragraphs type.
create a new template for this type. template name is "paragraph--hero_image.html.twig"
When I render the page its rendering whole template code three time. I would like to add a wrapper div/class above this template render. How can achieve this.
here is the template code

How to add a shopify buy button?

Have created a shopify store where we need to add a buy button to the original Drupal site.
I've been away from Drupal for 3 years and am lost. Can I ask for some direction?
Thank you!
Here's the code:

Register your new entity

hi guys,
please help me how to do to upadate the new entity in my bd.
i use drush entup but nothing
please help me !!!!Drupal version: Drupal 8.x

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