Dating past content in D8

Here is my challenge:

  • I want to create a view that shows a list of posts on a blog.
  • I want to be able to have them sort chronologically.
  • I want to be able to include posts from older dates (I am moving content from another site and want to preserve the chronology)

I know that I can do this by creating a date_field for original_publication_date and then build a View that sorts using this.

PDOException error when accessing /admin

I run my company's website on Drupal 7. It is very sparingly updated with content, and one day I was tasked with changing the picture on the front page's carousel. I logged in and could see my user account details at /user, but when I tried to look at modules or reports or anything under the /admin endpoint, I get this big ugly error:

How do I add fields to multiple images?

I have an Article content type on my site. I have a multiple image uploader on the article content type as a field. I'd like to add a caption, photographer, and date field to each image, but I don't know how.
Is there a default functionality which allows me to add custom fields to this? Do I need to make images a content type of its own and tie it in to my articles content type somehow? Is there a module I need?

Rework module Poll (add field and uploading a list of replies from taxonomy module)

I have the following task.
The user creates a poll material, which indicates a question, and choose from a list of predefined options in the taxonomy module, he can not enter own response options. Next to the answer choice to be a field for entering the number, we call it the maximum score. The administrator can set up: whether the field is displayed or not.

Resources for getting up to speed on Drupal 8

Before I write the "rant mode" portion of this post, the most important part is that I would appreciate it if a fellow Drupal developer could point me in the direction of one or two or three good learning resources for become a proficient Drupal 8 developer.

Overwriting Page--type is not working

Hello guys, recently i'm working with Drupal 8 to develop my page.
But then i struggle on how to overwrite the page--(type).
I've been doing it with Drupal 7 and it works just easy just by creating a file that named page--(type).tpl.php
BUt then in drupal 8 i follow this ( and it still not working.

Somebody please help! Can't log in as admin anymore, log in module gone!... (OAuth Connector)

As the title says - I can't log in as administrator over my own website anymore...
We're using the OAuth connector module to be able to log in with our google account and it's the only log in we use.
Unfortunately, the button has completely disappeared and I have no clue why.
The simple log in should look like this:


Completed Drupal site or project URL:

New to drupal, Can someone help me please??

Hi all, I am new to drupal just learning here for a university project. I am currently using drupal 7, My question is, on the reports i have an error saying "sites/default/settings.php does not exist." How do I fix this in any way? Also how do I locate the "sites/all/libraries" because I don't know where this is on my system so that I can update a module. Can someone help me please?

Commerce Avatax (5.x)

Connect to Avatax
After installing Commerce Avatax, configure the connection to AvaTax:

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