Bootstrap subtheme css not working

I'm trying to use the SASS starter kit for the Bootstrap theme. I've followed the instructions here:
and here:

How to make block context aware?

I created a block that is shown on the page of a custom entity type. Now I want to access the context since all Blocks seem to be context aware. However the context is empty. I debugged to the line I wanted to read the context value and then I saw that the context is completely empty.
What do I have to do that my Block has a Context? Can someone provide a Basic Example of a Block using the context it knows?

Leaflet map in a Bootstrap Accordion/Tab (same for modal) issue

I just changed the title as the issue is similar for leaflet maps in modal windows and tabs.
I have a leaflet map in a Bootstrap accordion.
On opening the tab with the leaflet map, the map does not display properly.

Theming a field

I have a node that requires a lot of theming for each field.
I'd like to hook into the field in template.php and modify it a little then do my output / frontend in .tpl.php.
What is best practice or maybe a link to documentation on theming the field values of a node?

Server config problem, maybe: missing views class?

Hey Drupallers! I've been out of the game for a while, and never worked with Drupal 8. Things have changed a lot.
I've got a basic site that's working fine locally in MAMP under PHP 5.6, but when I moved it to the webhost (also on 5.6), I'm getting this error in my logs when attempting to load user/login:

Dynamic Views cache

We must find a method so that a view list can be updated, without waiting cache flush, when the status or field value of one of its content has changed.
Therefore the view has to be directly impacted during the submission of the node.
Of course, the cache of the website has to remain enable.
Thank's for your help.

Media module to search for images based on tags

Hi team,
Using the Media module (which allows to select images from the server), can we search an already-uploaded image based on some taxonomy terms associated with it? I can see it allows searching based on file names only. Can someone please help asap?

D8 twig template override reverts when exiting development mode

EDIT/SOLVED: It seems like this was due to a caching issue. For some reason, "drush cr" didn't clear the cache properly, but it seems like clearing the cache from the admin panel did the trick.
Original post below:
I am overriding a node template for a specific view, using the name scheme node--view--view-name.html.twig.

Change order render elements in the page.

Hi, I have a problem, In a custom module I change a value, but I have this when inside the page, but also I have a block in a sidebar, and this block have the same value that I have changed in a page, and this value is not updated. How can I change this sidebar render at the end??
Thx and sorry for my english.

I got this error: The "cub" entity type did not specify a "detele" form class

I created a config entity with Drupal console, the question is that when I test the delete form I got this error:
Drupal\Component\Plugin\Exception\InvalidPluginDefinitionException: The "cub" entity type did not specify a "detele" form class. in Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityTypeManager->getFormObject() (line 184 of /home/oskar/webapps/sourcecode/drupal8/web/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/EntityTypeManager.php).

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